Hey, whassup!

Let me say something about myself...

I am Shuo Jin, currently a research engineer at trio.ai, an AI startup focusing on building a conversational platform that enables people to interact with various smart devices or virtual agents using natural language. I am responsible for developing algorithms and solutions of NLP problems to power our products with machine learning (esp. deep learning) techniques. My colleagues and I are actively developing our next-generation chatbot, making it smarter and cooler.

Before joining trio.ai, I spent one and a half years as a post-doctoral researcher in the MFX team led by Dr. Sylvain Lefebvre. I obtained my Ph.D. at the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Prof. Charlie C.L. Wang. Prior to that, I received my B.S. degree from the Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University.

I did research in the fields of geometric modeling/processing, computer graphics and additive manufacturing, and got some lucky publications which are mainly about 2D/3D shape deformation and motion. Take a look at the publication page if you are interested.